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SALE! Lil' Sis ✧ Fantasy Pin

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"Don't worry. We're defective too." -Omega 

Omega is the 2nd pin in our “Mind of a Child” Series. Inspired by these courageous young characters and their unconventional education/upbringing. Master Yoda said it best, "Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is."

Omega Inspired Collectable Pin Details:
✦ Limited Edition
Gold plated
Hard enamel
Approx. 2" wide
Mind of a Child Series Backstamp
Screen-printed details
✦ Clone force 99 and mantell mix in red translucent enamel
✦ Her necklace is a nod to her headpiece from kamino 
Unique backing card
2 posts with rubber backs


Mind of a Child Series Grading:
 There is no such thing as a flawless pin but I do my best to sort the best of the batch and present them as "Standard Grade" or "A Grade"
 B Grade pins are pins with minor flaws such as a very light scratch or mark on the enamel or metal, enamel that is slightly overfilled, or screen-printed that is slightly off from where it should be.
✧ C Grade pins have similar issues as B grade pins just more of them or the imperfection is much more significant/noticeable.
✧ Flawed pins NEVER have damaged or weak posts. Flawed pins come with backer cards also. 

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