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Armstrong Outpost

The Spy Pin

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"If she reached deep inside herself, what would she find? Not the Force, of course. But there was something there-an iron core. Determination. Tenacity. Stubborn persistence." -Delilah S. Dawson, Black Spire

Vi Moradi Inspired Collectible Lapel Pin

✦ 2 Metal Options: Silver and Black Nickel 
✦ 1.25" wide

✦ Hard enamel
✦ 2 posts with rubber backs
✦ Back-stamped

Silver and Black nickel are only subtly different until you compare them in the light. Silver is shinier.

✧ There is no such thing as a flawless pin but we do our best to sort the best of the batch and present them as "Standard Grade."

✧ Due to the pandemic, USPS shipping times may vary


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