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Epilogue Handmade Keychain

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Epilogue 5" x 1" Keychain

✦ Flat black hardware without tassel *same keychain as shown but with black hardware and no tassel*
✦ Approx. 5" long by 1" wide
✦ Gray heather 100% cotton strapping
✦ Sides 1 and 2 shown

What makes keychains like these so great is the loop. The loop and size makes it easier to find or grab quickly. 


 Handmade in Pittsburgh
Made from durable cotton and quality hardware
Keychains are handmade may vary slightly from photos. Lengths are approximate.
Colors may vary slightly on different devices/screens
 Some designs feel more rigid than others but will soften over time from use
Keychains up to 5.5" do not fit wrists
6" - 6.5" fits most wrists. Contact us directly with length questions or custom length requests.
Made in a pet-free / smoke-free studio
Cleaning instructions: spot clean with mild soap and water
Due to the pandemic USPS shipping times may vary


We strive to ship products within 3-5 business days from order.