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Armstrong Outpost

Mystery Seconds Vinyl Sticker

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Mystery Seconds Sticker

✦ Seconds means flawed! These stickers have imperfections such as small scuffs, could be printed slightly off center, colors could be slightly different than they should be, or have an imperfect finish.
✦ None of these vinyl stickers have issues with the adhesive and are all durable as well as water resistant.
✦ Could be any Armstrong Outpost sticker (past, present, or future)

We will do our best not to send duplicates but depending on how many are ordered at once we cannot guarantee there won't be duplicates. Thank you so much!
 If your order contains ONLY stickers you will receive a partial refund on your shipping rate when your order is fulfilled. 
 Stickers are not returnable.
✧ Due to the pandemic USPS shipping times may vary


We strive to ship products within 3-5 business days from order.